Rob Irving and Jason Turner

DebugView++ with Jan Wilmans

DebugView++ with Jan Wilmans

Rob and Jason are joined by Jan Wilmans to talk about the DebugView++ debug and logging tool and some of his other open source projects. Jan is a Software Engineer at Promexx, contracted by ThermoFisher Scientific to work on integration of motion controller in Transmission Electron Microscopes. He has been programming for 25 years, started with basic, z80 assembly and later C++. He is now a C++ enthusiast, an open source developer and likes to keep up to date on new c++ developments. In his free time he enjoys playing video games and watching science fiction together with his wife Babette. News CppCon Call for Volunteers Live++ C++ Live Coding Build your first C++ app Why undefined behavior may call a never-called function Olivier Giroux @janwilmans Jan Wilmans' GitHub Links DebugView++ LibIdentify OpenCanary Executors Proposal Sponsors Backtrace JetBrains Hosts @robwirving @lefticus  

Duration: 60 min

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