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179_Dave Bland_Full of Hell

179_Dave Bland_Full of Hell

Drummer Dave Bland talks about canceled tours amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, delving into Virgil Donati’s drum book, transitioning from single bass to double bass and working hand techniques that are an amalgamation of John Longstreth and Mike Mangini, playing absurdly hot shows and learning to breath threw it all, playing with Mr Bungle, stories of witnessing Trap Them live and one of the more outrageous stories you’ll hear about vocalist Ryan Mckenney, studying with Darkest Hour drummer Travis Orbin, his first tour and learning the fly while on the road initially, Bill Ward, Dave Lombardo & Ben Koller as drumming influences, rocking his dad’s CD collection, FOH working with Japanese artist Merzbow and the marathon live improv experience that was playing with him, working with Kurt Ballou on their last two records, & a whole lot mo’! PIC:

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