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180_Todd Sucherman-Styx

180_Todd Sucherman-Styx

Drummer/Clinician/Teacher Todd Sucherman talks about down time amidst COVID-19, the Styx record he would have recorded already, his incredible drum set and snare collection, getting his home studio together and navigating the engineering role himself for the first time, music, comedy and food as the pillars of his musical family, playing since the age of two, his fathers kit & cymbals he inherited, the stroke of luck that lead to him studying with Gary Chaffe at Berklee , the genius of Vinnie Colaiuta, the consistent issue he’s seen in students that hampers their progress, getting the Styx gig, his familiarity with their back-catalogue prior to joining the band, his mantra for keeping focused, motivated, and playing with passion over the last quarter century w/ Styx, recording and releasing his new solo record & more! PIC:

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