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181_Jason Gerken-Shiner

181_Jason Gerken-Shiner

Drummer Jason Gerken talks the daily redundancy of Covid life, tuning vistalite kits, playing with HUM and their stage volume, our mutual love for 70’s records, memories of his Dad and picking up the sticks at a young age, playing his step dad’s kit and trying to play drum parts he’d hear on the radio after running down four flights of stairs, prodigal drumming infants in the age of instantaneous information, Neil Peart as his prog drumming god, the allure of John Bonham to KC drummers and how it corresponds to the history of Jazz there, working with Allen Epley in Shiner and the influences of himself, Tim Dow, & Chris Metcalf of Life & Times, touring with HUM, & a whole lot more~!

Duration: 52 min

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