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184_Ash Pearson_Revocation

184_Ash Pearson_Revocation

Revocation drummer Ash Pearson made a second appearance on the CBBP where we talked about Revocation recording, releasing, and touring on The Outer Ones, the amazing studio in which he recorded the drums, his tips for warming up and staying in shape vs getting back in shape prior to a tour cycle, his thoughts on maintaining a zen like state while playing intense music, thoughts on bass drum triggers in heavy music, Jody’s holy trinity of high functioning spectrum artists, a full on Zappa geek-out on the '73-'75 records; Over Night Sensation, Apostrophe, Live at the Roxy & One Size First All, Ash dressing up as Tony Clifton while berating the live Zappa band on-stage, & a whole lot mo’! Photo:

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