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The Most Important Activity for Any Leader

The Most Important Activity for Any Leader

There is one activity every leader should do every day, and it may not be what you think. In my book, The Customer Rules, Rule #15 is Be Like a Bee. There is a story behind this rule or customer service.  A girl asked Walt Disney if he was involved in making the movies. Walt explained he was like a bee. He buzzed around the company looking for and spreading new ideas. What Walt told the young girl is the most important activity for any leader. You need to get out among people and hear their ideas. And help spread those ideas.  If you want to be like a bee, ask more questions. Talk to customers and employees. Departments in your organization may have no idea what other ideas are up to. Here are some ideas of what questions to ask; "Why do you do it like this?" "Do you think there is a better way to do this?" "Have you ever thought about doing it this way instead?" "What do you like most about the way we do things?" "What don't you like?" "What do you hate to have to say to our customers?" "If you could change 2 things about how we serve our customers what would they be?" "What items do you usually run out of?" "What percentage of our customers are repeat customers and what percentage are one-timers?" "What else can I do for you?" Buzz around every day until you find all the issues and uncover all the ideas. Then you can spread ideas, uncover new solutions and pollinate your organization. 

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