Lee Cockerell

Working with Disappointed Customers

Working with Disappointed Customers

At every business, you are going to disappoint some customers.  On this episode of Creating Disney Magic, we answer a listener question about customers getting upset or disappointed.  The question is about how the narrative told at a historical president's home causes disappointment and tension with visitors. Sometimes they don't treat staff well when they get upset.  From this situation, there are some things you can learn to use in situations with difficult subject matter. Be committed to telling the truth. Stick with the facts, whether people like them or not. Although the subject matter may be unique to the location, all organizations deal with disappointed and upset customers.  If a customer gets so negative it impacts the experience of other customers, you have to step in. Start with empathy, and see what you can do to help the situation. If needed, escalate your response to remove the customer.  Always remain professional. Keep cool. The upset customer does not know you. It is not personal.   

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