Rissa and Heidi

Meeting No. 68 - Human Experiments with Adoption

Meeting No. 68 - Human Experiments with Adoption

Discussion: Rissa and Heidi continue to discuss the COVID-19 crisis, and then Heidi tells us what happens when you separate triplets at birth. Discussion starts: (00:43:08)   Sources: Three Identical Strangers: Was the twin separation study ethical?     TRIPLETS FIND THEY WERE PART OF AN EXPERIMENT   Three Identical Strangers - documentary trailer   The Unbelievable Way 3 Men Found Out They Were Triplets Separated As Babies | Megyn Kelly TODAY   Three Identical Strangers: the bizarre tale of triplets separated at birth   Identical Strangers   Separated-at-birth triplets met tragic end after shocking psych experiment   'Three Identical Strangers' Is A Tragic Masterpiece. As A Triplet, It Hurt To Watch  

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