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S1 E5: What Went Wrong

S1 E5: What Went Wrong

When Jeremy Banks dialed 9-1-1, he summoned his co-workers, deputies from the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office. What mistakes were made and how will they affect later investigations? And where did Eli Washtock look for new evidence? A special thanks to: Laura Richards – Criminal Behavioural Analyst; Executive Producer Jennifer 42; Producer Dirty John, The Dirty Truth; Founder Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service Advertisecast, executive producer Ruby Rose Fox for allowing us to use her song, “Bury the Body,” during our intro. Her music is available anywhere you can purchase music. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a review on your podcast platform of choice. Listen on Spotify This episode was written and produced by Javier Leiva and John Taylor. Follow us on social media: Twitter Facebook Instagram Check out our other shows: Pretend Podcast Twisted Podcast Today’s promo is for the new podcast titled, “Mugshot” hosted by Lindsay Moryoussef. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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