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How to Grow Mushrooms at Home – Beginner to Advanced

How to Grow Mushrooms at Home – Beginner to Advanced

How to grow mushrooms at home, indoors or outdoors requires the same understanding of the stages of a mushroom’s life cycle and what it needs to grow. Growing mushrooms at home can be as easy as put a piece of an oyster mushroom into a cup with coffee grounds you used to make coffee that morning. Then put the cup in the cabinet for a couple of weeks until it all covered in white mycelium.  Then take it out to expose it to fresh air and light and it will fruit in a week or so. Mushrooms can be grown by spores or mycelium.   You then pick a substrate that has lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose in it (basically elements found in the cell walls of plants and trees). Then put it into a warm dark place to grow.  Then put expose it to light and fresh air to fruit. Mushroom breath in oxygen and breath out Co2 (like humans) and they are made up of 90% water which means they need the environment to be as humid as possible. In this podcast we go over the 7 stages of growing mushrooms: Stage 1 – Choosing Mushroom Source Stage 2 – Choosing a Substrate Stage 3 – Substrate Micro Environment Stage 4 – Inoculate the Mushroom Substrate Stage 5 – Incubation Stage 6 – Mushroom Fruiting Stage 7 – Harvesting You can also check out the article I wrote to see cool 'how to' videos as well as more details on how to grow mushrooms at home: https://curativemushrooms.com/how-to-grow-mushrooms-at-home

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