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Top 4 Medicinal Mushrooms For Viruses | Antiviral Immune Boost

Top 4 Medicinal Mushrooms For Viruses | Antiviral Immune Boost

4 medicinal mushrooms for viruses stand out among the rest with their clinical studies in fighting viruses while boosting the immune system health. Mushrooms/mushroom mycelium is like the immunological network of nature.  Meaning it like natures way of providing immune boosting benefits to all the plants, insects and animals of nature. Beta-D-Glucans that are found in the cell walls of mushrooms is what provides an immune boosting by activating various virus killing elements in the body: 1.  Macrophages 2.  Neutrophils 3.  Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells) There are 4 specific mushrooms that have many clinical studies done on their virus fighting ability: 1)  Reishi Mushroom 2) Cordyceps Mushroom 3)  Maitake (Hen of the Woods) 4)  Shiitake Mushroom In this podcast we will discuss all of this as well as 3 additional bonus mushrooms for fighting viruses.   To learn more about antiviral mushrooms, check out the article we wrote on this topic: https://curativemushrooms.com/medicinal-mushrooms-for-viruses-immune-health

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