David C. Roberson and Jason Goss

J. J. League Dark

J. J. League Dark

SDCC 2020 Canceled! | DC Films' New Release Dates | 'The Batman' Will Have a Political Message | J.J. Abrams Confirmed to Create 'Justice League Dark' Series | Our Dream JLD Roster | Crisis on Infinite Earths Gets Deleted Scenes | The Flash to Have Shortened Season | Lucifer Season 6 in Jeopardy Over Tom Ellis Contract Dispute | Harley Quinn Season 1 Coming to DVD | Listener Questions:Jason Smith: Is J.J. Abrams the Feige of the DC Universe? |@FrankoLuvs: Is it too tricky to incorporate the DC shows into the DCEU? |Baxter Hill: What impact will Covid 19 have on next year's show slate? |@JScott4Reel: Which DC villains would you give their own film and/or limited series? Who do you cast & which filmmaker do you entrust the project to? |@Slfricky: What do you want to see in the next iteration of DC animated features? |@travis_156: Would you like to see another season of Justice League Unlimited on HBO Max? |DC on SCREEN #592

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