David C. Roberson and Jason Goss

Our "Epic" DC Trilogy Pitch

Our "Epic" DC Trilogy Pitch

We give our "epic" DC trilogy pitches, talk about what villains we'd like to see in a Superman movie, and talk about Patty's Amazon spin-off!Patty Jenkins Talks Amazon Spin-Off and Wonder Woman 3 |Wonder Woman 1984 Gets and Official Rating |Green Lantern: Geoff Johns to Produce New HBO Max Series |The Flash Showrunner Is Actually Relieved About Shortened Season 6 |Supergirl: Thomas Lennon Says He Will "Definitely" Return as Mr. Mxyzptlk |DC Animation Gets a Brand New Look in First Photo of Next Superman Movie |Harley Quinn Series Heading to SYFY |Which Villain Should Be in the Next Superman Movie? |If We Could Have a Meal With a DC Character, Their Creator, and a Portrayer, Who? |Doomsday ... With a Red Lantern Ring! The Batman Who Laughs ... With a Yellow Lantern Ring! Lobo ... With an ORANGE Ring! |Our Top 3 DCEU MOVIES! |Which Batman Villain Needs an Update? |Our "Epic" DC Trilogy Pitches |Thoughts on Batwoman's Hush! |Thoughts on Batwoman's Mouse and Face-Swapping |

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