David C. Roberson and Jason Goss

We Need to Talk About Ezra

We Need to Talk About Ezra

This week:Warner Media Announces New CEO |The Truth About That Supposed Birds of Prey VoD Price Drop |We Need to Talk About Ezra Miller |James Gunn Says There's No Reason to Delay The Suicide Squad Yet |How Harley Will Be Portrayed in TSS |Ray Fischer Hasn't Seen The Snyder Cut, But He May or May Not Be Privy to Plans For His Character in the Future |Barbara Gordon is Coming to Titans Season 3 |Bruce Wayne is Returning to Titans Season 3 |Supergirl Return Date Delayed Until May 3rd |Superman & Lois Casts Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang |Superman & Lois Casts Erik Valdez as Lana Lang's Husband! |Dylan Walsh Cast as General Sam Lane |Listener Questions:@Wobblyboots85*If the Terrifics are DC's answer to the Fantastic Four, who should be their version of Doctor Doom? *Static Shock starts a new super-team. Who other than the big eight should be on the roster?*What character or storyline do you want to see adapted into Titans Season 3?@PureGeniusLego*What Batman comics had the greatest influence on the Batman character?*What character had the most impactful death on the DC Universe?*Is the Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue canon?*What's your favorite Andy Griffith Show episode?@brentacPrime*What comics, if any, have you been reading. Have you liked them?*Do you have any DCCW episodes that you can just go to when you want a pick me up?@ChrisBalga *So @TheDCUniverse did a tournament to crown the best supervillain. The Reverse-Flash came out on top (52% of the vote against Brainiac). Do you guys agree and if not who do you consider the top villain? Who is on your Legion of Doom team (choose 5 villains)?*Any hidden comic book gems on @TheDCUniverse that you would recommend checking out that some may have slept on/missed first run? @Travis_156* Do you think @TheDCUniverse should just market its comic reader too it’s international fans Additional music:The Descent by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4490-the-descentLicense: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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