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Episode 10 - The Poseidon Adventure

Episode 10 - The Poseidon Adventure

We "dive" into the iconic disaster film The Poseidon Adventure and the true fate of its cast. We also discuss the new Tarantino film, ALF's Max Wright, and other odd news of the day! VIDEO: Host Mike Dorsey’s video of the 4th of July earthquake in Southern California LISTING: The LaBianca house is for sale ARTICLE: Former Mouseketeer Dennis Day’s handyman arrested in his death ARTICLE: Holocaust survivor run over by lady in Valley Village, CA ARTICLE: Man pulled over with rattlesnake, uranium and open bottle of whiskey ARTICLE: Woman killed by steel straw VIDEO: Teaser for the Judy Garland biopic Judy ARTICLE: Max Wright tabloid scandal VIDEO: Trailer for The Poseidon Adventure ARTICLE: Story about Shelley Winters auditioning VIDEO: Watch Mike's short documentary Happy for FREE on Vimeo VIDEO: Scott's "Goddess Bunny" video Roddy McDowall's Powder Room Display(Photos: Scott Michaels) Memorial for Shelley Winters at Silver Spoon(Photos: Scott Michaels)

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