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Episode 8 - Phil Spector and Robert Blake

Episode 8 - Phil Spector and Robert Blake

We talk about music producer Phil Spector, actor Robert Blake, and the murders of Lana Clarkson and Bonny Lee Bakley! We also discuss Doris Day and her son Terry Melcher, Tarantino's new film, and more. WATCH: Host Mike Dorsey's Tupac and Biggie documentary Murder Rap on Amazon Prime (it's also on iTunes and other sites) Host Scott Michaels with the late Anthony Bourdain WATCH: The Albert Dekker scene from Scott and Mike's first documentary, Dearly Departed Vol. 1 WATCH: The official trailer for Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood WATCH: The famous Tim Conway Dentist and Elephant Story sketches ARTICLE: Tarantino, Pitt and DiCaprio in Esquire WATCH: Mike Dorsey's short documentary Happy (FREE!) about WWII flying ace and Hollywood assistant director Larry "Happy" Powell LISTEN: Bonny Lee Bakley's Just A Fan "70s Stalker Pop" Bonny Lee Bakley crime scene (via Getty and TMZ) WATCH: Lana Clarkson as Little Richard  Phil Spector's Pyrenees Castle, scene of Lana Clarkson's murder (credit: Jeremy Spann, courtesy of Ladd Jackson/Hilton & Hyland, via Curbed) Lana Clarkson murder scene (via Getty Images) WATCH: The trailer for TNT's James Dean film starring James Franco READ: Virginia Graham's "Manson, Sinatra and Me"

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