Millennial Voices On Fitness At Work

Millennial Voices On Fitness At Work

Welcome to The Mightywaters Podcast! My name is Mireille Toyn and in this episode I invite Kathryn Armitage from Neat Nutrition (https://www.neat-nutrition.com/) to chat about Millennial views on fitness. In particular, the importance of employers to consider fitness/gym activities as a tool for team development, empowerment and a template for great management. Kathryn shares some fantastic top tips to action you and your organisation into integrating fitness into the everyday workplace. --References in episode: Mightywaters website: www.mightywaters.co.uk/ Millennials@Work FREE download: http://www.mightywaters.co.uk/resources/ Deloitte Report: https://www2.deloitte.com/insights/us/en/focus/behavioral-economics/workplace-design-behavioral-insights-boutique-fitness-studios.html

Duration: 25 min

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