Musical Masterpiece - Mark Lester on Oliver!

Musical Masterpiece - Mark Lester on Oliver!

In this episode of Distinct Nostalgia, we remember one of the most successful British musical films of all time.Winner of 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture, the film version of Lionel Bart's hit musical Oliver! catapulted two young child actors to global stardom.The highly talented Jack Wild played the Artful Dodger with Mark Lester as Oliver.Here MIM's Ashley Byrne sits down with Mark at his home in Gloucestershire for the full story behind this musical masterpiece.Oliver was released in 1968 and starred a plethora of top name British character actors including Ron Moody, Oliver Reed, Harry Secombe, Shani Wallis and Leonard RossiterIt was filmed over a year with meticulous attention to detail as it attempted to be as authentic as possible to the Victorian London the story is set in.The musical film is an adaptation of the theatre production by Lionel Bart which is based on Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist.Oliver has been voted among the best British films of all time and is still shown around the world to this day.Please note: Ashley's interview with Mark was recorded before social distancing and lockdown measures were introduced.Distinct Nostalgia programmes are produced by MIM.The Distinct Nostalgia theme is composed by Rebecca Applin and Chris Warner.You can now catch up with all Distinct Nostalgia programmes plus the Mind of the Month Quiz, Distinct Drama and Distinct Comedy by going to DistinctNostalgia.comAnd if you've a suggestion or an idea for a programme, fill in the contact us page on DistinctNostalgia.com

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