Todd McComas

6: Tiger King - Eps 2 & 3

6: Tiger King - Eps 2 & 3

The Doc Heads crew breaks down Episodes 2 & 3 of the Netflix documentary series Tiger King. The description of Ep 2 Cult of Personality reads: Subjected to long hours, little (or no) pay and the whims of eccentric bosses: are big cat employees just cogs in a web of personality cults. The description of Ep 3 Murder, Mahem and Madness reads: An incident in Carole’s past casts her in a suspicious light, and while she maintains her innocence, Joe is all too happy to point the finger at her. Follow the show & cast: @docheadspodcast ( @toddmccomas ( @jeffoskay ( @jnalsman ( Website: ( Sponsor Discounts & Codes: Get 20% off + free shipping at ( by using the code DOCHEADS.

Duration: 1 hr 46 min

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