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170 – Dr. X Files #2 – I became a martyr for medicine and my career

170 – Dr. X Files #2 – I became a martyr for medicine and my career

What’s good everyone!! Get your popcorn ready. Get comfortable. We got a new episode of Dr. X Files. Remember, these are episodes of anonymous doctors speaking their truths in a format that makes them most comfortable. This episode will blow your mind like the first one. When people talk about a “food chain” in medicine – let’s just say Doctor X is at the top of this food chain. She is highly specialized, well-compensated, and extremely satisfied with her career/lifestyle balance. This wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. Decisions we all make to survive residency, can turn into pathologic lifestyle choices later as an attending. Well, this caught up to Dr. X early as an attending. Some of these decisions are rooted in people-pleasing and avoidance of conflict. Either way, don’t judge we’ve all been there. Dr. X explicitly details how her decisions led her to sign a contract that was not very detailed, felt uncomfortable asking for market value for her skills, and put self-care on the backburner.  She also talks about how her reputation was almost ruined. Dr. X ain’t no punk though. She became the heroine of her own story and gives a masterclass on how she saved her career and is living her best life!!!

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