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172 – Ask Dr. Nii – Am I too old to be a surgeon?!?!

172 – Ask Dr. Nii – Am I too old to be a surgeon?!?!

What’s good everyone! On this Ask Dr Nii segment, we’re going to dive deep into how old is too old to start medical school and continue into a career in surgery. One of our listeners submitted a voicemail asking since because he’s in his early thirties is it too late to go after his goal of becoming a surgeon. I brought on Dr. David Hampton, Trauma Surgeon at the University of Chicago, to explain his non traditional route in medicine and engineering. That’s right! Dr. David has a Masters in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (a.k.a. MIT – BOOM!) We also get into his experiences caring for troops in the armed forces, as well as the advantages of being an older medical student!   Resources: Delmonte Johnson fatally shot on South Side

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