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Episode 42 - Elon Musk & The Zombie Apocalypse

Episode 42 - Elon Musk & The Zombie Apocalypse

In this episode we shine the spotlight on billionaire philanthropist, and futurist flame-thrower salesman, Elon Musk. From his electric cars to his plans for affordable globe spanning internet, he’s the man with a plan. But is he all that he seems?Dean shares his very real fears that there may be a sinister plan behind Musk’s innovations. Can he really be planning a Zombie apocalypse!?Look, we’re here to ask these questions…not answer them.So, plug yourself in, look to the stars, but whatever you do…Don’t Go Outside!You can catch us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher & Spotify so you can listen on all your usual podcast apps…Please like & subscribe!

Duration: 37 min

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