Drowning in Shallow

Dissatisfied with cheap definitions of

Dissatisfied with cheap definitions of "positive thinking" in the face of struggle, Janelle seeks a richer, truer encouragement from the Lord. One that doesn't minimize the blows of pain we experience, and seeks to find lasting and true hope in God. Taking "optimistic" bows off of trouble, and unwrapping pain to see where God really is in the face of heartache.

Episodes: 18


Episode 18: Forgiveness Anatomy

Duration: 7 min

Episode 17: Relief in Worship

Duration: 8 min

Episode 16: Knowing You is Better

Duration: 10 min

"But it's so long to wait!"

Duration: 6 min

The Eye of the Storm

Duration: 14 min

The Unwanted House Guests

Duration: 17 min

Conversation 7 Trust and Embracing Pain

Duration: 10 min

The Courtroom

Duration: 6 min

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