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Deeds offices and Covid-19 challenges

Deeds offices and Covid-19 challenges

There are major backlogs at the various deeds offices around the country. Deeds offices are essential in the purchases or transfer of property in the country. The problem being that deeds offices are regularly closed for extended periods of time due to Covid-19 infections. Since there are clear protocols in place, this is seen as an overreaction and a huge obstacle to economic activity. It even resulted in a court case. Despite legal interventions, the issue persists. The Western Cape office has been covered most extensively, but it's worth looking at the bigger picture and how the effects trickle down Guest: Carla  Niehaus, Property Attorney and Conveyancer at VGV Attorneys Topic: Deeds offices and Covid-19 challenges Host: Africa Melane, Early Breakfast See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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