Reporters Who Cover the Royals | 5

Reporters Who Cover the Royals | 5

We're not done with the Royals yet! Today, on a special interview episode, we’re talking to two phenomenal guests. First, NPR’s London correspondent Frank Langfitt tells us what it’s been like covering Megxit. And then Mikhaila Friel — she’s the royals reporter at Insider — takes us behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace and reveals how she became WhatsApp pals with a bona fide royal.To check out some of Frank’s incredible reporting, follow this link: https://www.npr.org/people/4569077/frank-langfittAnd to read Mikhaila's latest scoop visit: https://www.insider.com/author/mikhaila-frielWe’re back next with a brand new series about one of the most influential, and rivalrous, families in the world: The Murdochs.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Bombas — Get 20% off your first purchase at bombas.com/richThredUp — Get an extra 30% off your first order at thredup.com/rich

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