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Episode 7: Publisher Addressable Marketplaces

Episode 7: Publisher Addressable Marketplaces

Earlier this year, GroupM’s CEO told AdWeek that over time, "All media will be digital, all digital will be addressable, & all addressable media will be programmatic” But what does “addressable” actually mean? And what makes media “addressable”? For a long time, the only true “addressable media” was direct mail – because it was literally addressed to the person that was meant to receive it. When it comes to digital media, it’s a very similar idea, only instead of using home addresses to reach the right people at scale, brands can now use CRM data like the email address. One company that makes this can of media available to brands is Merkle. Merkle, long known for its CRM acumen, has recently launched PAM, or Publisher Addressable Marketplaces, which makes it possible for marketers to reach known audiences at scale across a range of different publish inventories and devices. In this episode of the Everything Email Podcast, we talk to Kelly Leger, VP at Merkle about PAM: what it is, how it works, and what the future looks like for people-based marketing.

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