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Episode 005: How to Fly a Horse

Episode 005: How to Fly a Horse

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Executive Book Review podcast: How to Fly a Horse by Kevin Ashton With your hosts Nadia Noel-Anglade Judith Cutright La Juana Chambers Lawson Tisha Trachta I'm Malcolm Coon and this episode is brought to you by Wittigs - A better workplace starts with Wittigs. If you’re like me, you love stories of creative geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Wright brothers. Maybe you’ve even longed to be like them. Well, here’s the thing: You can be. You see, creativity is not some rare secret available only to a select few individuals. It’s a process .... If you want to find out how that process can work for you, join us right now for an enlivening discussion between four powerful, creative and inspiring women...on the ERB podcast.

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