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EP 02 | Suhaib Webb | The Catch-22 of Social Media Spirituality

EP 02 | Suhaib Webb | The Catch-22 of Social Media Spirituality

Dubbed the “Snapchat Imam,” Alman and Nihal sat down with Shaykh Suhaib Webb to speak about his life and his work in the American Muslim community at the Islamic Center of New York University. They discuss the benefits and pitfalls of teaching Islam and experiencing spirituality and scholarship in the age of social media, embracing vulnerability as a public Muslim figure, and the importance of good company. Suhaib William Webb is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service of NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. He has a degree in Education from the University of Central Oklahoma, and in Islamic law from al-Azhar Universiy in Cairo. He was named as a "Faith Leader to Watch" by The Center for American Progress in 2016, selected by the Muslim Community as one of CNN’s 25 Most Influential Leaders;  as well as one of "Five Hundred of the Most Influential Muslims" by the Royal Islamic Studies Center in 2017.  He is also currently the resident scholar at the ICNYU. Faith in Fine Print is brought to you by The Mantle, a sacred safe space dedicated to facilitating and demonstrating Islamic Spirituality. Follow Imam Suhaib @imamsuhaibwebb Comments or questions? E-mail us at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES AT

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