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Prospect Podcast: The Return Of Emily Waldon

Prospect Podcast: The Return Of Emily Waldon

On Saturday Night my phone rang, my cellphone obviously I'm not a dinosaur. I quickly looked at my screen noticing it was Lance. This was unusual because Lance usually texts me. I feared the worst, perhaps Lance was kidnapped by a street gang and held for ransom. Was he lost? Cold? Did he forget his Keys IN CONNECTICUT?!? I put aside my panic for a moment and decided to answer it. **Deep breath** "Hey Lance, what's up?" "WE HAVE EMILY COMING BACK THIS WEEK". Lance then hung up and immediately texted me the rundown of his day like a normal person. Phone calls are for weirdos. Long story short, Emily Waldon of The Athletic Detroit and The Athletic MLB, joins us to talk some Arizona Fall League, Tigers Prospects, and some recent interviews she did with AA catcher Jake Rogers and AA outfielder Daz Cameron. (Yes, that's Mike's son.) It's another episode of rapid fire minor league takes. I wouldn't go that far but we talk a lot of players. It's the Razzball Prospect Podcast powered by ProspectsLive.com. As always make sure you stop by Rotowear.com, and support our sponsor by picking up some of the freshest T-shirts out there.

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