Fellowship Songbook

E1. Abiding in the vine (guitar)

E1. Abiding in the vine (guitar)

E1. ABIDING IN THE VINE 1. We’ve found the secret of living, We’ve seen the vision divine: We are of God in Christ Jesus, We’re abiding, abiding in the vine. C. Abiding in the vine, Abiding in the vine, All the riches of God’s life are mine! Praise God, He put us here, Never to leave; oh, we’re— Abiding, abiding in the vine. 2. No more in vain need we struggle, Trying the way in to find. Praise God—we’re in Him already, Hallelujah, abiding in the vine. 3. In us, the ointment is moving, ’Tis the anointing divine; God’s precious essence bestowing, While abiding, abiding in the vine. 4. Now in the life-flow we’re living, O how the light in us shines! Both God and man are at home now By the mutual abiding in the vine.

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