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Ep 85: COVID-19, Racial Disparities, Performative Feminism

Ep 85: COVID-19, Racial Disparities, Performative Feminism

We cover a lot of ground in this news round-up of a week. William Barr obstructing justice for Trump again, the stressful NY and Kentucky primaries, a complicated update on CHOP, and then broader conversations on where we're at personally and as a country with COVID-19, racial disparities in the pandemic and beyond, and more on white women complicity and performative feminism.  We see you: White people who post about black people posting "All lives matter," voter suppression in Kentucky (so, Mitch McConnell), Trump scaling back COVID testing, medical decision tools that disadvantage black patients, discrimination against corrections officers in the jail where Derek Chauvin is being held, LA County Sheriff's Department - www.feministswithoutmystique.com  Support us on Ko-fi!  Twitter: @fwmpodcast  Instagram: @feministswithoutmystique  Facebook: facebook.com/fwmpodcast  Email: feministswithoutmystique@gmail.com

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