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Ep 89: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Trump

Ep 89: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Trump

Maria is solo this episode, while Erin's on her honeymoon - yay! This episode focuses on the quarantine depletion we all feel; personally, emotionally, professionally, cosmically as we cope with this endless public health crisis. Maria also discusses the unconstitutional, frightening raids happening in Portland, OR and then rants about a few other bullshit things from the past week (Roger Stone, Trump violating the emoluments clause...woof, it's like 2017 all over again). The title of the epsiode is based on a recent New York Times op-ed by Paul Krugman.    We see you: Rep. Ted Yoho, Ginni Thomas, Roy Den Hollander   -   www.feministswithoutmystique.com  Support us on Ko-fi!  Twitter: @fwmpodcast  Instagram: @feministswithoutmystique  Facebook: facebook.com/fwmpodcast  Email: feministswithoutmystique@gmail.com

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