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Film Fallout Podcast #186 - A Relic of the Old Cow

Film Fallout Podcast #186 - A Relic of the Old Cow

Christopher Cross and Dylan Schwan have endured yet another month to watch varying degrees of quality of movies. Most of them having been released last weekend, they marathoned through and have reported back for your listening pleasure. You can find Film Fallout every month on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Facebook, as well as anything else that pulls an RSS Feed. The podcast (@filmfalloutcast), Chris (@HammerkopCross), and Dylan (@DreaminDylanS) are also on Twitter. You can also find Chris' film writing at Please feel free to share the podcast with anyone who may enjoy it, and rate and subscribe on iTunes to help spread the word as much as possible! Intro & Outro Music: What's Your Pleasure by Jessie Ware Transition Music: Toxic by Kehlani

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