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A Fishbowl Hologram & Dr. Dre - Mira: Ben Taft

A Fishbowl Hologram & Dr. Dre - Mira: Ben Taft

Today we’re talking to Ben Taft, co-founder of Mira Labs, a smartphone powered augmented reality company. But before your mind starts to wander to a Black Mirror-esque dystopia, let me extrapolate. Mira builds cost-effective technology solutions to improve everyday business functions. This technology is helping businesses right now overcome distance and circumstance.  Workers that deal with complex engine assembly or navigate the depths of hazardous mine shafts, now can have remote experts directly interact with whatever the worker sees.. all completely hands free. Mira’s incredible success came from humble beginnings, it actually came from a fishbowl… but we’ll get to that later.

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