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Almost Dying Pursing Immortality - Minicircle: Mac Davis (Part 1)

Almost Dying Pursing Immortality - Minicircle: Mac Davis (Part 1)

Today on the show we talk to Mac Davis, founder of Minicircle, a company that aims to extend the length and quality of human life through gene therapy. Mac has an incredible story that starts out on a small island with a lone computer connected to the internet. From there he navigated through the dark underbelly of the web, unraveling its secrets which ultimately led him to a small fortune in bitcoin. That was just the beginning, Mac traveled the world seeking leaders in philosophy, came within inches of death after an explosion, started a biohacking lab that culminated in the mysterious death of his business partner, and faced an incredible number of interesting twists and turns. But first, I want to talk about how I came to meet Mac. I was interviewing Rob Rhinehart, founder of Soylent and asked him if he had any suggestions for our future interviews. He immediately suggested Mac Davis. So a few weeks later, Mac came in for an interview while he was crashing at Rob’s apartment in LA.

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