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Running a Business From A Plane - WANDR: Jinny Oh

Running a Business From A Plane - WANDR: Jinny Oh

Today we’re talking to Jinny Oh, founder of WANDR, spelled W-A-N-D-R, a product strategy and user interface design firm. Post Corona, working remotely is the norm for many of us, but Jinny was doing it before it was cool and a public health necessity. Bitten by the travel bug in her teenage years, she dreamt of traveling the world while doing what she loved. She’s achieved that dream, and while the firm is supposedly based in Los Angeles (according to its google address), her employees work all over the world and WANDR’s headquarters land wherever the next flight takes Jinny. When trapped in any pocket of the world for too long, Jinny starts to get antsy. Luckily for us, Coronavirus canceled all her travel plans which appeared to give Jinny enough time between trips to sit down with me and talk about WANDR. When I met with Jinny she had temporarily set her bags down at her apartment in Los Angeles and was doing UX design with her team from around the world.

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