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The Secrets of TikTok (Virtual Summit) - ft. Heartbeat, Movers+Shakers, Popl, & Captaindare

The Secrets of TikTok (Virtual Summit) - ft. Heartbeat, Movers+Shakers, Popl, & Captaindare

So this episode is different from what we usually put out. It’s a live virtual summit on the Secrets of TikTok. It won’t have voiceover, music, or sound effects like our other episodes… but it should be pretty informative. Also if you are new here, I’d recommend listening to our recent episodes on Mac Davis and Immortality... some crazy stories in there!  Anyway, we spent a few months prepping for this event and we gathered together a highly qualified group panelists to speak to our audience. The event was a hit! We had almost 500 people RSVP and almost 300 people attend. I’ve been getting email after email and message after message asking if I’d post the full audio… so here it is. But before we get into it, let me break down our panelists. Here are the time codes and summaries for each panelist’s sections. @ [0;01;51] We’re starting with Nick and Jason who founded Popl. They launched their business with TikTok and gained over 1.5M+ followers in two months and grew their monthly revenue from 0 to over 60k! @ [0;32;21] Then we’ll move to Brian Freeman. Brian is the CEO & Founder of Heartbeat, the #1 TikTok Influencer Marketplace. He’s also a contributing writer at Forbes, Inc., MarketWatch, Entrepreneur, and numerous others. @ [1;01;40] Next we’ll talk to Marcel Salapa. Marcel is TikTok Lead at Movers+Shakers, a TikTok creative agency responsible for the #1 TikTok campaign in the world. With this campaign, they generated over 5 billion views and 3 million user generated videos. @ [1;32;35] Our final panelist is Dare. Dare (a.k.a Captaindare) is a versatile TikTok creator whose ingenious comedy skits skyrocketed him to success with over 800,000 followers and over 20 million likes. He recently had the honor of presenting the first ever Black History Summit for TikTok. Without further ado, here is the summit, and we’ll hear from Nick and Jason of Popl first. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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