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Warren James: Kevin Ramsey

Warren James: Kevin Ramsey

Today on the show we talk to Kevin Ramsey, founder of Warren James, a custom merchandising firm that specializes in the content creator ecosystem. I just threw a lot of words at you there so let me break down what we’re actually looking at here. A decade ago when people heard the term content creator, they thought of a bunch of teens with crappy webcams recording vlogs in their room for YouTube. Now, those teens are all grown up and have developed themselves into some of the most recognizable brands in the world. And I’m not talking about small mom-and-pop shop off-brand brands, only known within their respective communities. Content creators are amassing millions of followers, and with those millions of followers are coming millions of dollars. And with this money, has come legitimization. Consequently, the gap between established brands like Gucci and new-age brands like Jefferey Star Cosmetics is shrinking. The brands these creators have built out of themselves have become so massive, so exponentially popular that I think it’s likely that their names will soon come to rival traditional name brands in terms of cultural impact. And this is where Kevin’s company, Warren James, steps in. Warren James is capitalizing on this personal branding, offering custom products that previously were only available to large companies. Basically, with the help of Warren James, these content creators can stop selling crappy off-center screen printed t-shirts, and instead market custom Nikes. Kevin has discovered a niche within an already-developed marketplace. Content creators were already generating merchandise for their personal brands. But now he was giving them a chance to expand their shops. He wasn’t breaking the wheel, or even reinventing it; instead, think of it as adding customized rims to the car. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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