Episode 16: Lifting Fog

Episode 16: Lifting Fog

Hear the findings of our 4th wave of sports fan sentiment study, focusing on the American fan and their anticipated behavior in consuming live sports. We do see a fog lifting with a greater sense of optimism and hope for the future around friendly yet highly competitive sporting events. Listen in and learn how it is shifting. ***IGNITE FAN INSIGHTS*** Ignite Fan Insights observes fans from key sports, their behavior, and their loyalty to the sports they follow. We encourage you to subscribe to Ignite Fan Insights. It's free and you'll receive a steady flow of information allowing you to better understand sports fans along with nuggets of wisdom from sports industry leaders. Your subscription includes: three e-publication reports per year based on surveys with over 3,000 U.S. sports fans; twelve to twenty-four podcasts, e-newsletter, blogs and industry-relevant webinars. Subscribe today at

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