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Fired Up! – Jon Rudnitsky

Fired Up! – Jon Rudnitsky

Fired Up! – Jon Rudnitsky - Episode 05 This week on the podcast the guys interview Jon Rudnitsky. Jon is most known for his stint on Saturday night live from 2015-2016. Jon is a great comedic actor known for his parodies and improv skills. In this episode you’ll hear Jon’s story and how he struggled through dead end jobs and hustled for many years doing stand up, before getting a couple big breaks. After eventually getting hired on Saturday Night Live he was fired a year later. This is his story. Highlights: Jon was fired from Saturday Night Live after his first year. Without a team of writers, Jon struggled to come up with bits and sketches. Feeling isolated and worrying about his performance, Jon got the news that he was being let go for his second year. Being fired was the best thing that happened. It opened up the doors to new opportunities. Jon never had any doubts about pursuing comedy and acting. After being fired Jon moved to LA and landed a role in a movie 2 days later. The Takeaway: You have to have irrational confidence when pursuing your passion/dreams. Websites: Jon Rudnitsky: Cascade Media: Matt Ritter: Alex Weber:                

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