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Five Points About Impeachment

Five Points About Impeachment

In this episode, I discuss the politics of impeachment. Here are the relevant links from each point. Point #1- The Constitution is clear about impeachment, but not specific. My review of Josh Chafetz’s book, Congress’s Constitution. James Wallner discussing conflict on Ezra Klein’s podcast. CRS report on impeachment and removal. Bob Bauer on whether there need be a Senate trial. Henry Olson on McConnell controlling a trial. Point #2 – Impeachment is thoroughly political, and takes place in the public sphere of opinion, which is both an input and output. Ariel Edwards-Levy is the person to follow for polling info on impeachment. Dubious polls about hypothetical scenarios? Me on why Congress doesn’t always “do the right thing.” Dave Hopkins on the impact of impeachments on public opinion. Point #3 – The groups to watch are the moderate House Dems, moderate House Republicans, and Senate Republicans. Sarah Binder’s great charts of House Dems. Some GOP Senators are very quiet. Jonathan Bernstein sees a slight shift in GOP Senate opinion. Point #4 – Elite political opinion, especially among elected officials moves in cascades. Lee Drutman’s Vox article on cascades. The Washington Post Op-ed from seven freshmen Democrats. Point #5 – We don’t […]

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