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FloodTalks #8: Federal Flood Insurance + Butch Kinerney

FloodTalks #8: Federal Flood Insurance + Butch Kinerney

In this episode of FloodTalks, we're discussing the NFIP, including when it was born, how it came to be the program that it is today, and what the future holds for this federal flood assistance program. Born August 1, 1968, the National Flood Insurance Program was built, and continues to be augmented, to provide a base level of protection from flood events. Some critique the program for lacking vital coverage or services, but many are happy they have it. Thanks goes out to FEMA's 16 year veteran, Butch Kinerney, for joining us and giving us the inside scoop on NFIP and the challenges of navigating regulation and politics to protect people and property.

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