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FMOOD 0337: The Experts

FMOOD 0337: The Experts

There is great responsibility that comes with being an expert. When you are an expert in your chosen field and have literally millions of folks tuning in to hear what you have to say on an almost daily basis, you have to be three times as careful with the content that you're putting out there.   I'm not saying that an expert needs to be perfect. However, I am going to say that some of the bigger names out there in the personal finance advice realm (Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, etc.) have a certain level of responsibility with what they allow to be broadcast to an astronomical base of regular listeners and subscribers. How we respond to critics tells a lot about us, and sometimes not giving a critic their fifteen seconds of fame is the best response to keeping that individual's opinion at bay.   Don't get me wrong. I listen to both The Dave Ramsey Show and The Clark Howard Show almost every week. With that being said, there are just a couple of tweaks that I would offer to suggest in order to keep the negativity at bay and focus on bringing even more positivity for us folks on this little planet of ours. God bless.

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