Kate Spencer & Doree Shafrir

Ep 131: Like Yourself First with Tara Schuster

Ep 131: Like Yourself First with Tara Schuster

Kate wonders why it’s so hard to find a good bathing suit, and Doree plays a mah jongg hand that she will never top. Then they’re joined by Tara Schuster (author of Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies) who shares how cleaning a coffee pot changed her life, how reparenting is a form of self-care, and why journaling is like a DM to your soul. To leave a voicemail for a future episode, call 781-591-0390. You can also email the podcast at forever35podcast@gmail.com. This week’s episode is sponsored by: - OXICLEAN - To Work your Magic with OxiClean, go to OxiClean.com/TRYME and order a free sample. - STORQ - Get 10% off your first order at storq.com with the code FOREVER35.  - TALKSPACE - Get your first week free of Talkspace when you visit talkspace.com use promo code FOREVER35. - MIRO - Start collaborating for FREE when you sign up for an account at Miro.com/FOREVER35.   - MOLEKULE - For 10% off your first order, visit molekule.com and enter FOREVER10 at checkout. -  MASTERCLASS - Visit masterclass.com/forever35 for 15% off the Annual All-Access Pass. Theme music by Riot.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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