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Former Nats Prospect J.P. Ramirez (Ep. 2)

Former Nats Prospect J.P. Ramirez (Ep. 2)

How quickly can a phone call change a prospect's life? Just ask J.P. Ramirez. We talked with the former Nats farmhand about how a last-minute pitch from the Nationals ultimately swayed Ramirez toward pro ball -- and out of his commitment to Tulane -- and jumpstarted his pro career. He’ll further detail the signing deadline that changed his life, dealing with front office upheaval when you’re a low-level prospect, speaking up about injuries, and life in non-affiliated professional baseball. Other talking points include... * A story about a Friday night game starting after 1a.m. * Parents/family pulling him in both directions about the college or pro decision * Being afraid to speak up for himself as a young prospect about an injury * Being released at 23 * Life in Indy ball/Mexico Want to advertise on this podcast? Go to and sign up.

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