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TRAILER: Introducing 'From Phenom To The Farm'

TRAILER: Introducing 'From Phenom To The Farm'

Every year, MLB teams dish out bonuses -- sometimes multi-million dollar bonuses -- and entice high schoolers, some just days removed from graduating, to embark on professional careers. It begins a professional odyssey unlike any other among the major American sports, and rarely is the progression through the minors a smooth one. Our new series, 'From Phenom To The Farm,' hosted by Kyle Bandujo, speaks to both current and former professional baseball players about their journey through pro ball. They discuss adjusting to life on their own for the first time, handling money, learning professionalism, and other various aspects that a player encounters on their journey through the farm system. They’ll look back and provide insight on what they could’ve done, if anything, to be more prepared for life as a teenage professional athlete, and their opinions on what organizations should be doing to get the most out of their high school signees. Our first episode features lefty Eric O'Flaherty, who has logged nearly 500 innings across 12 big league seasons. Here's sneak peak of the episode. Want to advertise on this podcast? Go to and sign up.

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