Can We Fix the Hiring Process, Already?

Can We Fix the Hiring Process, Already?

Job-hunting is a horrible process that no one much likes, except perhaps the headhunters. Applying for a job can feel as if you're sending a message in a bottle into a black hole. Even if your application makes its way to a human being, it might warrant just a five-second glimpse. The tiniest detail (or a spilled cup of coffee) can disqualify you entirely. The view from the other side isn't much better. Hiring managers say that many applications are garbage and employers are having a hard time finding the right people. It's a broken system that Kieran Snyder, this week's guest, is trying to fix. A linguist by training, Snyder runs Textio, a company that uses machine learning to create better job listings for companies. Snyder talks about common mistakes employers are making, and how a few tweaks to a job listing can result in better and more diverse hires.

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