No Passion, No Problem: How to Find a Job You Like

No Passion, No Problem: How to Find a Job You Like

For the person stuck in an unsatisfying career, changing course can seem almost impossible. We're told to follow our dreams, as if that will somehow lead to success and happiness. If only it were that easy. For most of us, following a "passion" is straight-up bad advice: Not everyone can succeed, or even earn a paycheck, as an artist, musician or basketball player. But many of us don't have a singular passion. In that case, how do we pivot out of an ill-fitting career? Where do we even start? Sam and Rebecca, still toiling away in their own first careers, turned for advice to Francesca Hogi. She's a successful matchmaker and dating coach who began her career as a corporate lawyer. "We do have this conversation around passion in our culture," Francesca says. "That puts a lot of pressure on people to feel like, `I've got to quit my job, burn that bridge, go follow my heart and then I'll be a billionaire.' It doesn't work that way most of the time and that's okay."

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