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The Relationship Xpert ft. Jaime Bronstein

The Relationship Xpert ft. Jaime Bronstein

Jaime Bronstein gets insta-rupted today. Jaime Bronstein is a seasoned and dedicated psychotherapist who has been practicing for 18 years.  She achieved a BA in Psychology from Boston University and a Masters of Social Work from New York University. Following the completion of her post-graduate work, Jaime went on to become a licensed Clinical Social Worker. She also has a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.  Her therapeutic work integrates both a cognitive behavioral, humanistic and spiritual approach determined by the specific needs of her clients.   Jaime is “The Relationship Expert” and is known for integrating a spiritual, cognitive behavioral and humanistic approach, based on the needs of her clients. She works with singles, married couples, people that are dating, people that are learning to love themselves and all other types of people struggling with different relationship issues. In this episode, Syd asks Jaime questions about love and connection.   Highlights: Why Jaime become a therapist Loving yourself unconditionally The law of attraction Why Syd doesn’t date comedians The importance of honing your intuition Determining your non-negotiables First date ideas Age issues when dating Soul Gazing How to keep a long term relationship     Syd Social Media Patreon: YouTube – Instagram – @sydwilder Instagram - @GirlInstarupted Facebook - Email:   Jaime Bronstein Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: LinkedIn: Jaime’s Radio Show:                                                                

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