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GFL 077: Monetize Your Expertise and Work Anywhere

GFL 077: Monetize Your Expertise and Work Anywhere

Discover how to monetize your expertise and work anywhere with Caitlin Pyle. Caitlin is a 29-year-old former desk zombie turned business transformation consultant. She’s the creator of, home of the online course Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, the first-ever online course on how to work from anywhere by proofreading transcripts for court reporters. She teamed up with a colleague to expand the brand by launching Transcribe Anywhere in January 2016. An authentic and effective content marketer, Caitlin turned ProofreadAnywhere into a six-figure+ blog and business within three months, and total business revenue reached $1 million within 15 months. To teach others her unique method of building platforms, carving out authority in a niche, and monetizing digital products, Caitlin developed blog and the Monetize Your Genius™ course.

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